UTMB start line


Every summer there is a huge choice of races in the Alps. With trail running becoming the fastest growing sport in the UK and Europe there are new races every year. The more well known races are getting booked up very quickly too, so we advise if you are interested in the race to register straight away! We thought you might like to look at some of the popular challenges available this summer. We have looked into local races, both well known and not so well known locally organised events and below is our summer race guide.

Some of these races give you points, which we have stated. This point system is for entry to the UTMB, CCC and TDS. Points are kept for 2 years onto your record, you can accumulate enough points to enter the races and receive points for completing some of these events. More information can be found on the UTMB site below.

Of course, you don’t need to plan for any of these to stay at RR, there is plenty to challenge you by running in Chamonix, you can see our trails page to get inspired! Contact us, we can help you plan your trip and give ideas if you need them.

Local running events 2017



Maxi Race – Annecy – http://www.maxi-race.org/

May 28th 86km, vertical +/- 5160M

May 29th 42km Marathon, Lac Annecy, vertical +/- 2640M



Mont Blanc Marathon weekend Chamonix – http://www.montblancmarathon.net/en

80km, vertical +/- 6000M

Vertical km, 3.8km, Vertical + 1000M

23km Cross, Vertical + 1665 / – 621M

10KM, vertical +/- 325M

42km Marathon, + 2730 / – 1700M



Gran Trail Courmayeur Italy, Courmayeur – http://www.gtcourmayeur.com/

90km, vertical +/- 5190M

60km, vertical +/- 3740M

30km, vertical +/- 2140M


Tour du Fiz, Chamonix – http://www.passy-mont-blanc.com/

Tour des Fiz 60km, vertical +/- 4700M

30km, vertical +/- 2150M

20km, vertical +/- 1360M



Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc Chamonix – http://ultratrailmb.com/en/

TDS 120km, vertical +/- 7220M

OCC 50km, vertical +/- 3330M

CCC 101km, vertical +/- 6120M

UTMB 170km, vertical +/- 10220M




Trail Semonz Annecy – http://www.lac-annecy-evenements.org/

45km, vertical +/- 2400M

26kmm vertical +/- 1370M

TOR des Geants Italy, Aosta – http://www.tordesgeants.it/en

342.7km, vertical +/- 27920M

Trail des Aiguilles Rouges Chamonix – http://www.aiguillesrouges.fr/

50km, vertical +/- 4000M

15km, vertical +/- 1200M